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The Sparked Team

Learn more about our amazing team of youth volunteers!

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Samuel Tan

Samuel is currently serving his National Service. He believes that everyone has the ability to make a difference, and hopes to empower others to reach greater heights. A strong believer that everyone can make a difference, he has initiated and contributed to many purposes to empower others to reach greater heights.


Anders Ooi

Anders is a Year 2 Business Analytics student at the National University of Singapore. Having benefited from mentors in his life, he strongly believes in the value of mentorship. He has experience spearheading partnerships with local and overseas industry partners and enjoys thinking of ideas that can bring value to the people around him.

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Hilman Sahdon

Hilman is a Year 3 User Experience Design student from Republic Polytechnic. He enjoys exploring and looking at designs during his free time to gain inspiration from and gather new ideas. He believes that anything can be further improved through design.

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